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Anagennisi: Innovative Use of all Tyre Components in Concrete

An estimated one billion tyres are discarded each year. Post-Consumer tyre arisings for EU countries (2010) are 3.4M tonnes per year. At the moment nearly 50% of all recycled tyres/components still end up as fuel, in low grade applications or in landfill. All tyre constituents (rubber, high strength steel cord and wire, high strength textile reinforcement) are high quality materials and deserve to be reused for their relevant properties. Construction is the highest user of materials with concrete being the most popular structural material. Concrete is inherently brittle in compression (unless suitably confined) and weak in tension and, hence, it is normally reinforced with steel bars or fibres.

One of main objectives of Anagennisi to investigate the performance of highly deformable concrete elements and structures, under seismic loading conditions. With the belief that highly confined rubberized concrete can develop very large axial and shear stains without sacrificing its strength, a part of Anagennisi has to overcome scientific and technological challenges in:

• Development of novel confined rubberised concrete materials and reinforcement

• Development of high deformability RC elements suitable for:

          - integral bridge elements

          - base isolation systems for vibrations and seismic applications

          - coupling beams in shear walls

A substantial improvement of the seismic performance of highly deformable reinforced concrete elements/structures is expected in terms of: 

          - rotational capacity of elements (deformability)

          - damage concentration 

          - energy dissipation

          - ductility

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Start date: 
January 2014
End date: 
June 2017